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We Integrate Together


At Integrate Physical Therapy we believe that a wholistic approach is the most effective strategy to combat the multivariate challenges that present in the course of life’s journey. With over 70 years of combined practice experience, we treat conditions across a wide spectrum of ailments from acute to chronic, pain management to wellness. Wherever your there might be, our goal is to meet you in the process.

Physical Therapist

Peter Allen, DPT

His approach is multidisciplinary, utilizing manual therapy with exercise-focused prescription, along with consulting a diverse team of health professionals.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Nelson Gregory, DC, CSCS

To supplement his many years of practicing chiropractic therapy, he has enriched his techniques with training in rehabilitation, sports chiropractic, and strength and conditioning.

Physical Therapist

Ellen O’Keefe, PT

Her treatment style combines knowledge and intuition along with a healthy dose of optimism and humor to foster an enjoyable and effective recovery.

Physical Therapist

Brenna Harrigan, DPT

Brenna possesses the unique talent of assimilating a wide range and variety of information in order to individually tailor effective treatment plans for each client.


We look forward to seeing you.

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